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Friday, 04 July 2008
BigFish folding Bikes

We like nothing more than to see a new entrant to the folding bike market, taking on the existing guys, keeping them on their toes, pushing the technology and design to new limits. The first folding bike was launched towards the end of the 1800's with multiply advancements since then. The game isnít up yet, the quest for the ultimate folding riding machine hasnít been cracked, it's an ongoing project.

The latest entrant to the market of folding bike is from a Slovenian company called Bigfish. Recently, they launched an English version website and have begun taking orders at an tempting introductory price of 399 Ä.

The Bigfish dimensions when folded are 104 x 64 x 31,5 cm. The frame is made of the aluminium. The majority of folding bikes fold in the frame which decreases the bike's rigidity. Due to its own unique innovative patented folding system 'The single frame' is not broken up by a hinge, and this ensures responsiveness and stability on your ride.

BigFish folding Bikes

Bigfish has 3 Speed Shimano Nexus inner gears. These have a number of advantages over the derailleur gearing system. They need no maintenance and they enable you to avoid the chain falling down, and possible problems while changing the gears. Derailleur gearing systems can be easily damaged on pavements when cycling, or when folding and unfolding. Bigfish comes with battery-powered front and rear lights. There are also reflectors.... for better visibility when riding in reduced light.

Here is a very simple folding demo:

And don't forget to check out the BigFish website.

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